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One of the top worldwide digital transformation and IT development firms, Ingenious Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd., offers our clients the precise solutions to their challenges. By hiring Dev Ops Engineer from us, ICS can assist your company in implementing intelligent quality control techniques and meeting specific customer engagement objectives, revenue, and growth targets.

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Are you trying to find a senior DevOps engineer with a good rates? Hire a DevOps developer, whether they are qualified DevOps engineers through AWS or Azure, on an hourly or full-time basis, and you may save your development costs by up to 60%. To realise the full commercial potential, create real-time apps that are safe and scalable. Connecting your software development and operations teams can help you automate the delivery of your product while ensuring the infrastructures of both large and small businesses are secure and reliable. Hiring a DevOps engineer from ICS will make it simple to build new goods and maintain deployed solutions that already exist.

How Hiring Dev Ops Engineer Will Help to Build Reliable and Efficient Applications?

ICS is the best company to hire Dev Ops Engineer in India, easily and instantly. You can hire an individual or a team of Dev Ops Engineer and programmers in India according to your requirements. Our contract developers are easily scalable, to get the highest productivity for the lowest costs. We have flexible hiring options for your requirements; Dev Ops Engineer on hourly, monthly or full-time basis. We can be of great use in the development of your business.

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High responsibility level

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Our Hiring Models

Full Time Hiring

Hours Per Day
9 Hours/Day
Minimun Days
2 Weeks

Part Time Hiring

Hours Per Day
4 Hours/Day
Minimun Days
2 Weeks

Hourly Time Hiring

Hours Per Day
Minimun Days
50 Hours


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Have an idea? Not sure of how to start? Talk to us. Whether you need to build a project from scratch or redesign the existing, we can help you anywhere in the project. We help you to develop, design and build a prototype and drive your project from concept to reality, or help you build a new team. Contact us to make things simpler for you.

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