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    Software Solutions for ECommerce Industries

    Our solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides flexibility & agility for E-commerce and backend service providers.  The organizations can acquire customer fast, understand them better, segment them as per need and service as per service level agreements (SLA’S).

    Know your customer well

    One of the most critical aspects is to know the customer well to address his needs of sales & service. The complete view of customer 360 degrees to know them well.

    Respond quickly & reduce AHT

    The unified service desktop helps agent respond fast without much of hold time that reduces the AHT.

    Keep them informed

    Use notifications, sms, emails, happy calling surveys and self-help portal to accomplish task.

    Management Dashboard &  Reports

    Information on fingertips for management through various productivity & performance indicator dashboards.

    Enhance productivity

    Integration with your office tools to improve productivity and reduce efforts.

    Manage and improve agent productivity through deployed solution.

    Availability of agents training and knowledge base to make them handle customer queries better and remain productive.

    Reduce implementation and staff time and deliver higher & more consistent levels of service.


    Integrate various systems including your ERP, supplychain, biling , SMS, payment gateways etc

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