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    Ingenious Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a global digital transformation & IT consulting company who create a digital strategy for its clients based on their research, insights, emerging market trends and technology audits. We help you hire process oriented Indian developers on contractual rates for long- term, short-term or hourly-basis projects. With decades of experience and a team of highly-qualified coder, ICS help small and large businesses across various industries hire dedicated Indian developers for any technology in just a few clicks. Our services are hassle-free and work process is completely transparent to ensure smooth communication and successful engagement with our customers. So If you want to speed up your growth and improve your productivity with dynamic applications, then hire from our pool of smart contract developers who can provide unique tech solutions to your enterprise to lower your operational costs and improve ROI. Whether you’re looking to hire an individual coder or need a dedicated development team, we can help you decide which of our developers would be the right fit for your project.
    How ICS Work

    How to Augment a Resource

    ICS Resource Augmentation service can help you get an edge over the competitors in the market . Since the technological demands are challenging and its important to keep pace with the technological advancements we have ICS center of excellence that continues to enhance skillset of our resources.

    We provide trained and certified resources globally The services offered are flexible in nature with long term engagements to short term engagements, with this you can save a lot of efforts , time and cost.

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    Benefits of hiring developers on contract basis


    Business focused

    No training required

    Flexibility to choose

    Quick solutions


    Connect with pool of talent

    why hire developers from ics

    ICS is India’s most trusted company when it comes to hiring dedicated developers. We have good reputation over internet according to top rating agencies like GoodFirms and Clutch. Here are some of the facts that make us a brand in providing phenomenal talent outsourcing company in India:

    NDA (Non-Disclosure) Agreement
    • When you hire developer from us on contract basis, we always sign NDA with our clients to make the process completely confidential.
    Out of the Box Solutions
    • Developer of ICS is highly skilled and has innovative minds to think for the out-of-the-box solutions for any project development.
    Better Productivity
    • We ensure better productivity for product development in terms of quality, cost, as well as time of execution.
    Scalability & Flexibility
    • Our Smart Contract developers are scalable, low cost and will give you full flexibility to easily hire developers from us on a part time, full time or on an hourly basis based on your requirements.
    Easy Communication
    • At ICS we make things easy for our clients by giving them an ease of communication with direct developers, team members regarding ongoing project via skype, chats, emails, etc.
    On time Project Delivery
    • Our experienced developers have expertise over effective time management on projects and have a record of 99% timely completion of the projects.
    100% Client Satisfaction Achievable
    • ICS believe that client satisfaction is key to steady business growth and we always ensure best-in-class services to match the expectations of our clients.

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    some frequently asked questions

    Helpie FAQ

  • Why should you hire consultants on contract?
    They are easy to manage, and they can join your project on immediate basis. Also, for you hiring & Releasing is much easier.
  • Why Strategic Outsourcing?
    If you are planning to scale or outsource some of your business operations, it is becoming difficult to manage all your development operations in-house. Adding up local talent is indeed expensive. Therefore, most entrepreneurs prefer to move ahead with offshore talents.
  • Do you work on onsite model as well?
    Yes, we provide both onsite & offsite model for our clients.
  • How to outsource business in the growth phase?
    Outsourcing is the best tool of choice to gain a competitive advantage for a business in the growth stage. Not only does it allow you to ramp up your team quickly but also offers you an advantage where you can increase in-house efficiency by focusing your efforts on important business matters.
  • How will ICS help you in planning to scale up quickly?
    ICS will provide you with resources to improve your processes. These processes are uncompromise, thereby enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your business.
  • Why ICS?
    ICS is acknowledged for maximizing operational excellence and driving growth by helping enterprises, brands, SMEs, or start-ups embrace innovation and experience transformation.
    We are Strategic outsourcing with entrepreneurs or businesses to offer best-in-class solutions for their non-core competent areas.
  • How will ICS help you to access on-demand services?
    At ICS Valuable technological resources of your company are refocused to place you at a competitive advantage in your industry. We offer a variety of outsourcing services that becomes the nerve of your business.
    Partner with us and we will support your business with end-to-end solutions in a collaborative approach with the only target of ascending your profit line.
  • Where exactly should you look for the best quality and value on offer?
    We understand the cost involved in offshore international outsourcing projects and hence, deploy our best pool of resources that stick to the mapped deadlines despite geographical or time zone differences. ICS’s outsourcing portfolio has rich records of delivering unsurpassed customized services to offshore businesses and we are always ready to expand the list.
  • Will Outsourcing be beneficial for you?
    Outsourcing is additional assistance for small and big companies wanting to grow their business with fewer expenses. It helps reduce the cost structure and operating costs. Another characteristic of outsourcing is the opportunity to get well-trained people for the job in a very short time.
  • Who should use resource augmentation services ?
    • A small start-up to large multinational organisation that is looking to gain competitive advantage in market.
    • Organisations expanding in new geographies
    • Organisation aiming to stay lean with least dependencies of payroll , employee welfare , employee management , hiring etc.
  • When to plan resource augmentation ?
    • his idea is best when we are looking for a temporary resource and wish not to make a long-term contract.
    • When you are working on a project and running out of time.
    • When you want to grow team but has no time to hire
    • During setting up of start-up
  • What is the engagement plans ?
    Short term     : 1 to 3 months
    Medium term     : 3 to 12 months
    Long term     : 12 months onwards
  • What are the benefits ?
    1. Increase in Production: Resource Augmentation gives a boost on productivity because on contract consultant is fully focused on a single project. All their time and dedication to complete that one project helps in achieve the target before time.
    2. Cost effective: When you hire our consultant for just one or two project you don’t need to plan an extra budget for that because that’s just a temporary thing. You only pay a fee and rest things are taken care by us. 
    3. Help: If our on-contract consultant is facing any difficulties in completion of any task or project, we have trainer’s & subject matter experts who can support and help in the timely completion of the project. 
    4. Save on HR cost . You do not specifically need HR recruiter , then on boarding team and thereafter HR or payroll functions to manage resources . 
  • What about security ?
    All IP and security rights will remain with your organisation. Required software , access tokens can be installed on machines.  Will operate under stringent norms for data protection and threat prevention.
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