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Top Resource Augmentation Company in India

ICS Resource Augmentation service can help you get an edge over the competitors in the market . Since the technological demands are challenging and its important to keep pace with the technological advancements we have ICS  center of excellence that continues to enhance skillset of our resources.

We provide trained and certified resources globally The services offered are flexible in nature with long term engagements to short term engagements, with this you can save a lot of efforts , time and cost. 


  • Who should use resource augmentation services ?
    • A small start-up to large multinational organisation that is looking to gain competitive advantage in market.
    • Organisations expanding in new geographies
    • Organisation aiming to stay lean with least dependencies of payroll , employee welfare , employee management , hiring etc.
  • When to plan resource augmentation ?
    • his idea is best when we are looking for a temporary resource and wish not to make a long-term contract.
    • When you are working on a project and running out of time.
    • When you want to grow team but has no time to hire
    • During setting up of start-up
  • What is the engagement plans ?
    Short term     : 1 to 3 months Medium term     : 3 to 12 months Long term     : 12 months onwards
  • What are the benefits ?
    1. Increase in Production: Resource Augmentation gives a boost on productivity because on contract consultant is fully focused on a single project. All their time and dedication to complete that one project helps in achieve the target before time.
    2. Cost effective: When you hire our consultant for just one or two project you don’t need to plan an extra budget for that because that’s just a temporary thing. You only pay a fee and rest things are taken care by us. 
    3. Help: If our on-contract consultant is facing any difficulties in completion of any task or project, we have trainer’s & subject matter experts who can support and help in the timely completion of the project. 
    4. Save on HR cost . You do not specifically need HR recruiter , then on boarding team and thereafter HR or payroll functions to manage resources . 
  • What about security ?
    All IP and security rights will remain with your organisation. Required software , access tokens can be installed on machines.  Will operate under stringent norms for data protection and threat prevention.
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