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    Business Solutions for Professional Services

    Our solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional services can help organisations engage and evolve with their customers. The real-time analytics will help in taking quick decisions based on results. It make team more productive through and help you acquire more customer & service them better.

    Engage & Evolve

    The solution for Professional Services will help you engage with customer at an indepth level.

    Your team understands the customer well with the history of his engagement cycle and his service satisfaction level.

    A clear visibility of multiple touch points in the organisations to ensure cross-sell and up-sell of various at various opportunity level.

    Real-Time Analytics

    Adopting a single integrated system gives you real-time visibility into all aspects of your project. This means access to the information you need to make the right decisions.

    Gather and synthesize internal and external data, then uses comprehensive business intelligence and reporting solutions to drive transparency and further accountability. Standardize Offers and Improve Service Delivery.

    An integrated project management system allows you to leverage experience from previous projects, standardize your offerings and streamline delivery.

    Reduce implementation and staff time and deliver higher & more consistent levels of service.

    Reduce Admin Time with Automation

    Multiple systems waste time and resources on data – and increase the likelihood of mistakes.

    With the help of our consultants keeps it simple and accurate: you enter data into the system only once by automating and streamlining core processes to increase cash flow, save time, and ultimately spend more time with your customers.

    Acquire & Maintain Profitable Clients

    ICS offers solutions that support new business development, so you can identify and drive profitable new business and expand services for existing clients.

    Manage the engagement process from scoping, goal definition, and identification of key decision makers through project plan creation and resource planning.

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